web optimization



When you are getting your website designed and    developed , the ideas that  should strike you :

1. Building a new distribution channel for your product  and services                                              

2. Building a new store to sell more products                    

3.  Building a new way to communicate the essence of the new products or service which you might have recently launched……and there may be other things which might  strike                

 “A Website is not merely piece of technological and creative masterpiece or just a list of functionalities which  should run when your customer drops into your website.  Its a new medium through which you target your audience, interact and   convert them into money paying customers”

What is Figrative Web Optimization Services?

Our Web optimization Service may look like an average and another me too website development service but the value that your business generate out it can be quite different .Businesses always have considered IT has a cost but we aim to change the concept and want to put forward it like an investment which has a capacity to generate similar profits like last the stock or the mutual fund in which you might have  invested.

We follow a step wise process :

1. Understanding the target audience: Whether your consumer is common man or you are selling some thing in which an high end corporate decision making is required . Our design strategy try to understand the same and initially build prototypes around

2. Understanding what the audience is looking for: A clear understanding of what your target audience is looking for can be well evaluated from search engine trends . When we have finalized the initial prototype design we plan the URL architecture and the content structure

3. How you plan to Reach the target audience : This is also a critical questions which you as a business owner should interpret.We believe since products & services are discovered your target audience mostly on search engines so in this step build a plan to define the code structure , the architecture and the code guidelines so the website becomes marketable and deliver the results for which you have invested your money in building the same .

4.How you want your audience to interact and convert:This is another important factor to consider . You traffic only take just 4 to 5 secs on you website to decide whether it is worth buying a products/service from you or not so we give conversion the utmost priority while defining the various interaction points or functionalities on the website .We know Conversion has direct correlation to the ROI which you can make out of the investment that you have made towards building the website.

5. Measurement and what to measure : When you  run a marketing campaign through this new channel or or your website you always need to measure . A clear insight into how the customers are behaving helps you optimize your product/service offerings .Help you sell the right product to the right customer so that you make more revenue.

You now know that you need to measure and what to measure but how to.The analytics tools which business generally use to measure follow a different structure to do it so while building the website we also keep in mind building the right measurement infrastructure so that your campaign makes better sense and the data makes more sense in terms of generating more revenue

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