The necessary goals which you want to achieve being the CMO or CEO of your enterprise while allocating marketing budgets to SEO or search engine optimization as a strategy is the guiding rule which we as an agency consider as thumb rule to give a definition to same and also decide how it has to be executed so that you generate ROI.

Goals can be varied:

  • For Bigger Corporation or brands can look at building the highest possible recall in the minds of target customers and achieve optimization in terms of average cost to reach an unit customer
  • For Local businesses it can be getting phone calls from the surrounding area it serves
  • For Ecommerce businesses it can increased sales and reduced cost per customer acquisition
  • For B2B businesses it can generation of leads

Understanding your goals and blending in with our knowledge of Search engine algorithms we created a unique SEO service to help your enterprise or brands achieve its business objective in a very smart way

The Process that we follow:

Figrative Digital :SEO Process