PPC or pay per click is technically the fastest way for your business website to get noticed by your target audience or customers. PPC is always a way where you pay to get attention but not earn it as in an organic campaign.

But how can your business could make the best use of the strategy you might be asking many questions to us..which we thought of answering before we go forward like
1. Is PPC is a question of pay more to gain more..
The answer to this question is no but it has lot to do with the quality score of any keyword against which you target your campaign and the quality score is define by Search engine publishers like Google themselves.
It’s our PPC service which can help you improve that.
2. How the quality score is defined?
A quality score is measured in the range of 1-10.The objective behind giving quality score is give the searcher a better experience. The quality score has a lot to do with the ad copy (short description which you write on a ad) and the website’s page on which the searchers lands after clicking on your ad.
Typically a higher quality score leads to lower bid cost for an ad position
3. What you pay to Google or other search engine publishers in PPC?
You pay for clicks and for conversions. So you pay Google for the traffic you get on your website from any campaign and not for the leads or sales you generate. Your don’t pay any sales commission
What Figrative’s PPC service can do for your business:
1. Help your business website drive quality audience at a most optimized cost and effective
2. Increase your sales or lead numbers

What Figrative charges for its services?
You technically don’t pay Figrative for placing an ad but you pay us managing it. The Management fee is typically in the range of 10% to 15% of the overall money that you pay to Google and search engine publishers for showing the advertisement for your business. ( DROP A QUERY)

Things to keep in mind:

• First, It is not Figrative decisions on how much money you pay to Google or search engine publishers for running a PPC campaign but is always defined by your marketing budget. Our job is always to get your best results within your budget.
• Secondly ,There is always a minimum budget for every industry or the goal that your want to achieve
• Thirdly ,Always focus on running both the search campaigns-SEO & PPC together because gives your better opportunities for generate better results within your budget (CLICK TO DROP AN EMAIL)