Search marketing for eCommerce businesses has a direct correlation to the sales the website generates from the campaign. Search marketing offers multiple opportunities for businesses in the eCommerce space. A justifiable mix of organic and paid strategies can help businesses achieve:

1. Increased sales numbers
2. Decreased Cost per sales
3. Increased profitability

Figrative’s way for eCommerce business:

1. A lot dependent on the type of ecommerce businesses model your business is into. We initially derive the right keywords opportunities depending your business. By businessmodel we mean are you a single brand retailer, a multi brand retailer or a market place like Amazon ,ebay,flipkart etc.
2. Research out your right competitors and identify what exactly they are doing and how they are targeting.
3. Define the correct positioning strategy for your business like whether you are discount retailer or a premium one
4. Defining the correct website structure as the what has been researched out in the above three steps.
5. Defining the Code level strategies to achieve code level optimization to improve search engine readability and get it implemented with the help of your IT Team.
6. Help you define the right and optimized content strategy on the website primarily for the most important pages like category and product page which would drive sales for your business.
7. Work towards better on page optimization like Meta data implementation ,sitemap strategy etc.
8. Implementing the monthly off page strategy which solely depend your current ranking and what your competitors are doing.

We also work towards building the right measurement infrastructure on the website so that proper result measurement can be done and which can also help your marketing team to define the right strategy for other forms of media too.

 What you get?

1.  Improved sales conversions and brand visibility necessary for long term business value.

2. Decreased CPA which helps you to increase profitability per unit sales.

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