Traditionally brand marketers have been using offline channels like TV, print and online banners ads to build top of mind recall among its target audience and considered search engines as a media to drive traffic. In the age of digital conversion and increased complexity in your consumer’s behavior search engines have started playing a pivotal role in influencing your consumer’s buying decisions.

 You might have noticed that within certain span of time your search rankings on generic keywords you website has also started also generating traffic traction from keywords which may be an exact match to your brand or domain name if your keyword strategy is implemented that way . This is clear reflection of the phenomenon.

“Conversion rates from branded keywords

are always very high compared to others”

We at Figrative understand these changing trends and understand why it is important for your business and created a unique search marketing solutions that cater to this need.

Uniqueness about Figrative Brand development Search Marketing campaign:

1. The strategy evaluation methodology is not only backed by industry supported research but is also supported by proprietary research data base collected over the years  by our team of search marketers out of their experience .

2 . The Search marketing strategy is based on understanding the market share which your competing brands might be enjoying because of search engine listing and evaluating the same by click through rates on each and every ranking position.

3. Our approach focuses on optimizing the cost of per unit of brand reach

4. Our service strictly focuses on measurement so that you don’t lose track of the marketing investment which you are making.

Our Approach to Brand development:

Step 1: Understanding your target audience and profiling them.

Step 2: Building a keyword strategy based upon search trends on your product/service category and also    which caters to every element of the consumer buying cycle

 Step 3:  Evaluate the current status of traffic on your website and also on other owned media web  properties which your enterprise use to communicate with the consumer. We generally divide the traffic into branded and non branded category

Step 4: We suggest you a measurement infrastructure to be build on your website as per popular web  analytics tool which you use for your business (if the same doesn’t exist)

Step 5: Define the right combination of paid and earned media allocation of your marketing budget defined for branding on search engine.

Step 6: Define and the execute the right on page and off page strategy to reach objective

Step 7: Measurement and evaluation of strategy into measurable outcomes