If you are in the B2C business space which means you may be a local or national brand selling products & services directly to retail consumers through different retail channels spread across geography or in any specific geographic location.

The Question is

“How can Search Marketing can help you in business?”

The whole idea for your B2C business marketing on search engine which generally don’t drive direct sales for you come from the fact that in present times search engines have started playing a larger roles in the consumer buying decisions process and deciding which brands to buy.
So search engines gives the opportunity for B2C brands to build top of the mind recall and create opportunities for brands for getting highest mind and heart share

Figrative’ s approach to B2C Search Marketing :
1. Finding the possibilities in brand based search keywords which help brands to retain the existing customer base and get them engaged with regular interactions
2. The Second step always is a way to improve the market share which is more towards targeting through generic keywords which is represent your product category
3. Defining the content structure of the website to target possible opportunities defined in the above two points
4. Planning the correct search friendly website architecture to reach the effective target audience
5. Defining strategies to improve the click through rates on SERPs to improve market share
6. Defining the correct optimization
What you get out of the strategy?
1. Improved traffic numbers to the website and retain the current ranking status to maintain sustained market share on search
2. Improved brand visibility on search engine which ends up increasing the top of mind recall for your brand

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