B2B search marketing has its own challenges be it a search engine optimization or a SEM campaign to build brands or drive leads for your business that your sales people can call back and convert.

We at FIGRATIVE understand the challenges that lie in the B2B Search Marketing:

    • Lengthy conversion cycle
    • Finding qualified buyers
    • Role of Search marketing in the overall sales

And create strategies and implement them that can generate better ROI’s for your business
Figrative’s Approach to B2B Search Marketing:
Long term B2B SEO KPI varies from business to business but they always include a combination of traffic, lead and keyword improvement over time. We understand the customers of B2B Businesses interact with your brand and convert into leads in a very different way compared other business.
Your customers not only convert by just dropping into your website from Search engine ranking but their decisions are also influenced by:

      • The blog that you write
      • The e-book that you publish
      • The research and knowledge your share on other web properties like tumblr etc about your business category
      • Even on Google Maps listing if you have offices across geographic locations.

Our Approach of Marketing implementation looks at all these perspectives in the best possible way. When we are looking at SEO for your business which caters to others business consumers we look the same from the perspective:

        • Of your corporate website and the content that is published on its blog
        • Also the content that published in other media channels

You’re on page and off page strategies all follow the same suit
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